Hijacking Computers to Mine Cryptocurrency Is All the Rage

Hackers are using old tricks and new cryptocurrencies to turn stolen computing power into digital coins.


Wanted cyber warriors

As companies come under cybersiege, a shortage of cybersecurity workers looms


Royal Academy of Engineering: 2017 finalist: Darktrace

Using artificial intelligence to create a self-learning cyber immune system to defend all types of networks, including physical, cloud, virtualised environments, Internet of Things and industrial control systems.


Video: Darktrace’s Nicole Eagan at The Montgomery Summit 2017

Nicole Eagan, CEO at Darktrace, speaks with Jacki Karsh for MontyTV about how cybersecurity startup Darktrace tries to find any cybersecurity threats early for their customers by creating an "immune system" for any size enterprise to analyze their network traffic and begin to protect them from any cyber threats in less than an hour.